About Keith

Keith Coles is a storyteller with a predilection for the weird and macabre.  Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, his childhood was steeped in mall-walking zombies, chest-bursting aliens, haunted fog banks, things from another world, grave-robbing morticians, and cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers thanks to his (thankfully) permissive parents and a local corner store with an eclectic video rental collection.

Keith is passionate about science fiction, horror and fantasy.  He likes his zombies slow, his vampires without lustre, and his Lovecraftian nomenclature impossible to pronounce.   Prior years toiling in the hospitality industry have made him uniquely qualified to write about blood-curdling horror and people losing their minds.

He is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association, and currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his wife, and unpaid primum mobile, Ces Coles.   His short story, “The Lurker in the Comments” can be found in the anthology, “Darkness Wired“, published by Notch Publishing House .


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